12 Bollywood Casting Couch Stories, It’s Shocking, You Must Read

Casting Couch was earlier linked with only women, but as the world is moving fast people have started to assault men too by compelling them to do undesirable act for their career advancement. Casting Couch has left an astonishing impact in Hollywood Industry, since the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke out.

12 Bollywood Casting Couch stories

12 Bollywood Casting Couch Stories, It’s Shocking, You Must Read

You May have heard the word ‘Casting Couch’. If we talk about the meaning of ‘Casting Couch’, which means, exploiting person by making fake promises. Or demanding a sexual favor in return of given work or using power and Authority for the career advancement within a company and organization.

Casting Couch was earlier linked with only women, but as the world is moving fast people have started to assault men too by compelling them to do undesirable act for their career advancement. Casting Couch has left an astonishing impact in Hollywood Industry since the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke out.

In a quest to make career in a particular field, or having received back to back failure in an interview, its natural to be depressed for a while. People get tired of making an all effort and doing round from pillars to post with a hope, today will be the happiest day of their life. But, sometimes dream Job may take time more time to be achieved.

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12 Bollywood Casting Couch stories

After being noticed the depression on face, and being decided to surrender yourself, whatever comes first irrespective of your desires. There are some people, who keeps looking, and waiting for such kind of depressive person to be hired. The Casting couch Incident takes place in all walks of life, but people try to conceal in order to save their dignity in the society.

But, authority and the superior person continues to exploit people by appointing in condition to assault them by getting it done without their consent. If we talk about the Casting Couch stories of common people, there is no one who is interested to listen the plight of him or her. But, If the incident of Casting Couch comes from the Celebrity, people don’t leave any stone unturned to pay attention.

We are going to take you to Celebrities who have faced undesirable circumstances, when they started their Journey. These Celebrities would not have thought, they had to go through from all these things. But, now they are coming forward to speak about their Casting Couch Incident. We have a list of the Bollywood actress who has spoken about the Casting Couch, they are reportedly couch by mentally or sexually.

Here are the 12 Bollywood Casting Couch stories. Who lifted the Curtain and showed, what happened to them while struggling in the industry.

  1. Shilpa Shinde:

12 Bollywood Casting Couch stories

Shilpa Shinde is Indian Televison actress, she is basically known as her role in Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai, also tested the casting Couch during the initial days of her career. She was asked to intimate with producer, but she refused to do so.  According to reports she was slapped in the face and asked to get out from the audition. After that, she had to go through some demeaning time of her.

  1. Kangana Ranaut:

12 Bollywood Casting Couch stories

Kangana Ranaut is known as Queen of Bollywood has also been couched by Tanu Weds Manu. She said, She was asked to have sex after completing her auditon for the ‘Tanu Weds Manu’. She did not think twice of her carrer and posted it on social media and reveal the incident that happened to her. But, she did not bend her knee and surrendered herself to the superior one. She only trusted on her luck and today, her image is still as a most successful woman in Bollywood.

  1. Sherlyn Chopra :

12 Bollywood Casting Couch stories

Sherlyn Chopra who recently has appeared in the semi nude photoshoot. Sherly Chopra may not have gotten the success in the Bollywood industry, but she has been always in the news for her Bold avatar. Sherlyn Chopra is the first Bollywood actress who shot a nude photoshoot for the Magazine named Playboy. Sherlyn Chopra had alleged that the director of Kamasuta, in which was starred for re-enact certain scenes back to the camera. Sherlyn Chopra even filed First Information Report (FIR) against him.

  1. Payal Rohatgi :

12 Bollywood Casting Couch stories

Payal Rohatgi also shared her Casting Couch story and did not shy to opens up about the assault. Payal Rohatgi, is a Big Boss 2 contestant, alleged the Director of Shanghai,  Dibakar Banerjee, who allegedly asked her to remove the top, when she denied, she was thrown out of the movie.  While, the statement made by the Payal Rohatgi was refuted by Dibakar.  Payal Rohatgi has also worked in 36 China Town, Yeh Kya Horaha Hai.

  1. Mamata Kulkarni :

12 Bollywood Casting Couch stories

The China Gate Actress Mamata Kulkarni, was allegedly been offered by the Director of the same movie, Rajukumar Santoshi who had asked her to please him by making a sexual relation over a matter of Compromise. While, the actress denied it later, when her role was cut in the movie, and she also had to part with some movies that she had in her kitty. There was also rumour she compromised a bit to him.

7 . Rina Golan :

12 Bollywood Casting Couch stories

An Israel born model turned Actor, Rina Golan had come all the way to India in a quest to work in Bollywood industry, or she did. Rina Golan had been couched by the director Subahsh Ghai, who offered her a role in one of his movies.  Rina Golan returned to her Country Isreal, but she has written her plight in Autobiography, in which she had mentioned of being mistreated by the hand of Director.

  1. Paridhi Sharma :

    12 Bollywood Casting Couch stories

The Beautiful TV serials actor Paridhi Sharma spoke about Casting Couch after being continuous harassment by the Serial director Santram Verma. Paridhi also said, she had complained about his inappropriate behavior to the Production team, but all her attempt went to vein. She also called the time she had been harassed the worst time of her life, and she garnered courage and moved out of the show. She had alleged that she had been harassing not only physically but also financially.

  1. Tabu (Tabassum Fatima Hashmi) :

12 Bollywood Casting Couch stories

Tabe is an Indian Bollywood acrtress, who has worked in multilingual movies such as English, Hindi, Marathi, Malayalam etc. She accused the Jackie Sharoff of sexually  assaulting at Denny’s place in 1986, when Tabu was just 15 year old. Tabu had accompanied by her sister Farah Naaz, who was working with Jackie Shroff for their film Diljale.  They used to hangout at Danny Denzonpa, and Tabu used to come with her sister.  The allegations made by the Tabu has not been proved, but the Jackie Shroff and Tabu never seen together in any movies. Jackie Shroff’s life is filled with the Controversies.

  1. Mamata Patel :

12 Bollywood Casting Couch stories

If we talk about Irfan Khan, suddenly a best actor’s image comes in our mind. But, Mamata Patel, Pan Singh Tomar actor accused Irfan Khan of Couching. He was reportedly found in a compromising position, and the Actor Mamata Patel expressed his disaspointment with the conduct of the actor.

She also complaint against the unidentified person, who allegedly threatened her over phone by saying she would be facing harsh consequences if she continued to talk about Irfan Khan Couching. According to a report, Irfan Khan promised her to get her in Job, and harassed her during the outdoor shooting. Mamata Patel had played a small role in Pan Singh Tomar.

  1. Suchitra Krishnamurthi :

12 Bollywood Casting Couch storiesActor Suchitra Krishnamurhti had experienced the casting couch during her struggling time, She had made her debut in 1994 with ‘Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa’.  She is ex wife of Former eminent filmmaker, Shekhar Kapur. She wrote about her heartwarming incident in her blog, she says, “I remember many years ago, I had gone to meet a very successful producer about a film role at a plush suburban hotel. They were looking for a new face to launch.”

She elaborated her scary incident and said, When the discussion about academics, family and work was done. The Producer asked her to call her parents to tell them that she is going to spend the night with him at the hotel, and he should pick her up in the morning. Suchitra Krishnamurthi has not disclosed the name of that director.

  1. Surveen Chawla :

12 Bollywood Casting Couch stories

Surveen Chawla has also experienced the casting couch during her struggling time, but she was couched in South Indian Film before stepping into Bollywood. Surveen Chawla worked one of the boldest movie of Bollywood Hate strory’s sequel. She also worked in Parched, in which she played a role of rustic dance and sex worker. I was propositioned, though luckily I had the strength to turn down the offer to be ‘nice’ to the director even if it meant losing a plum role. She said.

Surveen Chawla seems to be blessed of not meeting such kind of people in Bollywood.

  1. Geetika Tyagi :

12 Bollywood Casting Couch stories

Geetika Tyagi used a video to accuse the Jolly LLB filmmaker of forcing himself on her during a party, which held years ago, but Geetika said, It was not a case of Casting couch when media reported.

She blamed media by issuing statement, “Media will take it sensitively and sensibly. However, in these two days, I figured that a few channels have not even seen the video properly, they just took bits and pieces and played them in loop.”

These are the stories which came to light, but Hundreds of stories are still hidden behind the curtain. Which needs to be lifted by the courageous campaign #MeToo. #MeToo has revolutionized not only the Bollywood but also the Hollywood too. #MeToo is a campaign in which people are sharing their horrifying stories and assault which happened in the past by their superior. But, they do not have the courage to speak up, but since the #MeToo started, people are now opening up about the assault.

If you have any stories to be covered in depth, please let us Know, and we are always open for your feedback. Please Feel free to give your valuable suggestion to us. Thank you for reading this article, and do not forget to comment.

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