Asthra Foundation strives to make women independant, Here is all you need to know about Asthra Foundation

Asthra Foundation strives to make women independant, Here is all you needto know about Asthra Foundation

Asthra Foundation Geeta jain

Asthra Foundation strives to make women independant, Here is all you needto know about Asthra Foundation

In order to make woman an independent and generate employment for housewife, former mayor of twin city Mira Bhayander Geeta Jain has once again come up with new idea. The Non-Governmental Organization Ashtra Foundation is gearing up to organiss ‘Stree 2018’ on March 21 in Bhayander.

This is not the first time when the organization came forward to generate employment for women, earlier they had set up an ‘Hey Deedee’ an all women logistic start up that provides delivery services for local needs and also caters e-commerce companies in Mira-Bhayander.

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Asthra Foundation Geeta jain

x-MayorGeetaa Jain had been awarded Best Municipal Corporation Award during her tenure.

While talking to She said, she had organised Mahasurya Kumbh, wherein 7000 students participated and cooked food by using solar energy. This feat has also been recorded in Guiness Book of World Records. Taking this forward, ‘Asthra Foundation’ was established which works for the welfare of girls and women.

Due to Street 2018 Lots of women will be employed, says Geeta Jain

While talking about the theme of ‘Stree 2018’ she said, lots of women will be able to get job. She stressed the women’s inconvenience, they faces in offices and in home, once they attain stree 2018, they will be able to earn almost Rs 6000, to 7000 by just taking out one to two hours.

The list does not end here, The Asthra Foundation has adopted 11 girls under Sukanya Samruddhi Scheme. She said, these 11 girls are being provided all kinds of necessities from their education to basic needs.

Asthra Foundation Firmly believes Women empowerment Begins At Home

When reporter asked Geeta Jain the aim behind this noble cause and women empowerment plans she said, “Our organisaion firmly believes that women empowerment begins at home. Therefore, we started this initiative, it seems difficult but not impossible.”

An initiative to bring women community online –

Beginning of MOM PRENEURS – 

The Ashtra Foundation has designed and likely to launch two Mobile application on March 21 under the presence of Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis wife Amruta Fandvis. There are people in India who does not want their wife, sister and mother to work in offices and anywhere else outside their home, because they want their children to be grown up under their guidence.

The app Eat Karo, will be an initiative to help women surrounding the twin City Mira-Bhayander to work from home. Basically in this app shefs across the city will be collected to provide home made food to the food lovers and who want to eat food cocked by their mother and wife.

HUNAR- A marketplace where women can connect will buyers and sell their homemade products. Hunar is also a mobile application in which women across the city and gradually across the nation will be able to sell their homemade product by using HUNAR app.

ASTHRA STORES- Asthra Foundation is here with its own ‘Store At home’ concept. An innovative and unique movement to supply different types of quality goods direct to home at reasonable prices at different locations. An idea of a store at home will help women to manage time for work as well as family. Introducing 79 plus quality home delight products through which every women can earn around 7000-8000 rupees by spending just 1-2 hour everyday .Our products would range from toiletries, groceries etc.

Apart from these Applications, Asthra Foundation strives to make low cost and good quality Sanitary napkin. While talking to reporter Geeta Jain said, almost 88 per cent women in our country does not use Sanitary napkin due to its high rate. We will be able to establish machine, which provides los cost and good quality Sanitary Napkin to women shortly.

When she was asked government’s adamant stand over Sanitary Napkin She says, government has been doing its work fine, once we start selling low cost Napkin the government would notice and take it serious. But, we will continue to do our work as a social worker irrespective of whether we are getting any help from the government or not.

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