Casting Couch Stories: How These Bollywood Male Actors Compromised?

Casting Couch Stories: How These Bollywood Male Actors Compromised? From Ranveer Singh to Sonu Nigam these Actors are victim of Casting Couch incidents

Casting Couch Stories: How These Bollywood Male Actors Compromised?

Casting Couch is no more a strange word, you may have heard or watched people speaking about the disease which is being spread by superior authority to their lower person. Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood or even a private or non private companies are taking advantage of this act by using their power to get their work done.

If we really talk about the meaning of Casting Couch, it is an exploitation of people by the superior authority or laying down the dignity in order to fulfill the quest of Career whether in a compultion or craze. Hollywood had witnessed the numerous cases of Casting Couch but Bollywood, Tollywood is also not behind in the cases of Casting Couch incidents.

Once Upon a time Casting Couch incident or cases used to associate with the women only, but the condition is different now, there are several casting couch stories happened in the Bollywood or Tollywood in which male actors were assaulted or exploited when they were in the early of their career.

You can’t even think how bad Bollywood or Tollywood industry are? they don’t leave any stone unturned when a newcomer tries to enter into the industry. only 10 percent of the Bollywood or Tollywood casting couch incidents come to light, remaining 90 percent of the casting couch stories are buried under the carpet. As you know, getting work in Bollywood or Tollywood is not a cup of tea, as Bollywood is notorious for its Nepotism.

But, sometimes we get to see the new faces in the industry, who don’t have any connections with the stars but they get work in Bollywood or Tollywood, it makes people curious how she or he get the work without any support.

But, stories come years after when they start talking about the assault or casting couch incident that happened to them when they were in the Early of their career. Casting Couch is nothing but to compromise to get work in company or Film industry.

As we earlier talked about 12 Bollywood actresses or their casting couch incidents. Now in this article we will only be highliting Bollywood or Tollywood Male actors who compromised when they were struggling to get work in the industry. Casting Couch incidents seem to be risen as competitions increased in every field. If we talk about the superior authority in any stream not all but many intent to make people feel, they are not suitable for this and that post but if he or she agreed to do undesirable act to get their work done, then their chances of getting selected could be high.

Let’s talk about the Bollywood or Tollywood casting couch incident in which male actors had been assaulted when they were in struggling phase. These celebrities casting couch stories will leave your eye open. People may deny their is no casting couch but these celebrities have spoken about the casting couch which exists in Bollywood or Tollywood.

Simbaa Actor Ranveer Singh, What do you think…..He had also been a victim of casting couch in Bollywood. Ranveer Singh believes and had said that it is commonplace for everything struggler. While giving n Interview to Nationak channel English channel he had said, He was invited at Casting director’s home in Andheri. When he went there he didn’t bother to look at his portfolio and said he had to be very smart and aexy if he has to work in Bollywood.

Ranveer Singh further said, the director advised him to be open to take and touch. When Ranveer said an outright no to the demands, the Director started negotiating with him if he can just touch or at least see. “Later I got to know what he was interested in. When I said ‘no’, he was heartbroken like a jilted lover,” the actor said.

2. Ayushmann Khurana:

There are dozens of Casting Couch incidents take place in Bollywood, but only quite a few has courage to open up about their casting couch stories. After Ranveer Singh, Ayushmann Khurana a well known Bollywood actor has spoken about his casting couch ordeal. When Ayushmann Khurana was making an effort to get an entry into tinsel town industry, he had experienced casting Couch.

Shubh Mangal Savdhan Actor Ayushma. Khurana was trying to get work in Bollywood and working in a television program he was asked to sexual favours by a casting director. While talking to DNA Ayushmann Khurana said, “I was a TV anchor, so a casting director directly told me that I would have to do it. So, I told him that if I was not straight, I might have given it a thought, but I can’t do it. So yeah, the casting couch exists, but eventually, it’s your talent or potential as an actor or performer which would last. You don’t need to give in to such stuff.”

Sexual favour in return of work was extensively associated with woman who wanted an entry into Commercial cinema. This was an infamous trend which existed since time immemorial but, no one ever spoke about it openly. The fact that even men were exploited was a harsh reality which was completely dismissed by the industry.

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Ranveer Singh and Asyushmann Khurana opened a can of worms and hinted towards a practice which has been swept beneath the carpet for long.

Apart from Bollywood Actor, Singers are also not exempted from this infamously trend or so called Bollywood casting couch incident.

3. Sonu Nigam:

Sonu Nigam had also been sexually exploited by a film critics. Sonu Nigam claimed, a film critics tried to sexually harras him and when he refused to succumb to the pressure, then journalists start criticising him in their famous articles.

Sonu Nigam did not openly say about his casting couch story. There is yet to get more information which film critics or Journalist were he talking about.

4. Shakti Kapoor:

Shakti Kapoor had grabbed the headlines when a prominent news channel trapped Shakti and undercover reporter in a sting operation . Shakti Kapoor who is famous for portraying a villain character in Bollywood was embroiled in a controversy when he was caught with an aspiring actress and offering to promote her career in Mumbai’s hotel.

Shakti Kapoor Casting Couch story is different from Ranveer Singh, Ayushmann Khurana and Sonu Nigam. In a video telecasted on Nationak channel also showed he was naming a few Bollywood actress who had slept with many producers to get success in tinsel town.

In that video clip, Shakti Kapoor can be seen saying, “I want to make love to you … and if you want to come in this line [of business] you have to do what I am telling [you] to do.”

According to the news channel or video of Shakti Kapoor Casting Couc, he named a Bollywood actress Preity Zinta claiming she had slept with producer to get success. Preity Zinta had said, “The comment is made in very poor taste. He is truly a real-life villain and deserves to be banned from our film industry.”

5. Suyyassh Rai:

Suyyash could have been ina happy relationship with Kishwer Merchant with whom he entered into one of the India’a famous reality television show Bigg Boss 9. But, Suyyash Rai is no stranger to the struggles of the industry.

Suyyash Rai had also been sexually exploited during his struggling time, A evideo had brought to light that Suyyash had to take drastic steps to make ends meet in his initial days. He confessed to having sex for money and made as much as forty grand off one lady.

While narrating his story, Suyyash says his casting couch incident happened during his struggling days in the film city Mumbai. He did not take money from home in those days and thus chose this path for surviving in the film city.

In on of the scenes, Suyyash can be seen admitting that he has once given ‘gigolo’ service (male prostitute) and earned Rs 40,000 from it.

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