New Jersey Couple gets married in Bathroom, When Mom Falls ill

New Jersey Couple gets married in Bathroom, Judge Katie Gamar married this couple in the hospital toilet of women. According to a published report, the judge reached at the spot that Brayen could not leave alone his mother at this time. So he decided to marry Brayen and Maria in the ladies toilet.


New Jersey Couple Gets Married in Bathroom

This is a unique story for the many modern couples who decide to have sex before their marriage. The wedding night no longer marks their special “first time” together. … Between the rose petals strewn across the bed of the bridal suite and the day-long anticipation of your romantic night between the sheets, but sometimes, something becomes worried and we had never thought about those things.

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This was the first of Its Kind of marriage in a history, an American girl named Maria Schulz got married to his boyfriend Brian inside the bathroom of a hospital. The question comes to our Mind, Why had they chosen a bathroom to get married? The judge of a court of New Jersey also decided to change his place from his courtroom to ladies bathroom and given his verdict with a green signal to that couple.


If they Had Postponed Tha marriage, They Have to wait for 45 days

The New Jersy Couple was supposed to marry in the Court, But they had to change the Destination, as their relative had Asthma Problem.If they had postponed the wedding, they would have had to wait 45 days for a new marriage licence — so one of the officers suggested holding the ceremony in the bathroom.

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On January 2, Brian and Maria arrived in New Jersey to marry Monmouth County Courthouse. Everything was going well until some time before the marriage. All were enjoying on this occasion, but shortly before getting married, Brian’s mother’s health got worsened. She got asthma attack When Brian got to know about the deteriorating health of the mother, he ran towards the Ladies restroom to help her mother.

Groom’s Mother’s Condition Got Worsened

Although the judge who was fixed for their marriage when heard about this situation took the immediate step, he reached the same lady’s restroom where Brian and his mother were present. Brian was helping his mother in the bathroom, trying to give her Oxygen through his mouth. Despite this, there was no improvement in the health of Brian’s mother.

Doctors from the hospital were called upon. On the other hand, the time for her marriage was getting delayed.

Then one of the officers, one Leonard Maxfield, came up with an idea: If Brian’s mum couldn’t come to the ceremony … why not get the ceremony to come to Brian’s mum?

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