Daughter Pushes Her Father to Death, When He Caught her In Compromising Situation

Father Caughter Her Daughter in Compromising Situation

Daughter Pushes Her Father to Death When He Caught her In Compromising Situation

A 48-year-old father was pushed to death by his own daughter when he caught his daughter along with his boyfriend in a compromising situation in his bedroom. According to the report, when the victim found a man in his daughter’s room, initially he scolded them and got into an altercation with them.
The victim (father of a daughter) has been identified as Vishwanath Sahu and the accused has been identified as Dharmendra.
According to the brother of an accused daughter, Sanjay said,
“My father was pushed from the balcony of the third floor of the building and he fell into the space between our building and the one right next. My sister and Dharmendra immediately fled the spot. We suspect her involvement too because even she did not stay back to check my father’s condition.”
Daughter Pushes her Father
He quoted as saying to media,
“Doctors at Safdarjung hospital told us there was only 5% chance of his survival as he had a serious injury leading to clotting of blood in the head. He passed away around 2.30 pm on Sunday at the hospital.”
Accused daughter’s mother woke up when she heard his father falling down. As they noticed the incident, Sahu was rushed to the local Hospital, but he was referred Safdarjung Hospital.
According to the Sources, the accused Boyfriend, works in a Mobile shop in Khora, and has been in a relationship with her for almost last two years. But, he often makes excuses whenever the family tried to get him married to her daughter.
On the basis of victim’s wife complaint, An alleged Couple has been booked under section 304 A of Indian Penal Code (Death by Negligence) Anil Shahi, SHO of Sector 27 police station, told,
“The woman was arrested early on Monday morning from near her house in Sector 27. Dharmendra is on the run We are trying to nab him too.”

Daughter Pushes her Father
What do you think about the Incident?  The girl in this incident ashamed the most sacred relationship of Father and Daughter. The illegal relation has crossed all the limit and made us ashamed. Write Comment and express your opinion, what you have to say?
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