Eating these foods will make you smarter in the board exam.

Being a fanatic during exam time will make you more energetic for your syllabus. Making notes, poring continuously over textbooks and organizing the notes of lecture. Will boost your writing speed in the exam hall.

Being a fanatic during exam time will make you more energetic for your syllabus. Making notes, poring continuously over textbooks and organizing the notes of lecture. Here we have selected some delicious foods that will really accelerate your memory fuel in a week.

I don’t know if there is a medicine for speeding up writing but here are some easy steps or foods to solve this issue and here is neither a need of 30 nor a 60 days permanent plan to improve your speed of writing.

Milk and curds/yogurt:

Dietitian Marjori Nolan, New York, says, those dairy product that are full of low fat they contains pure form of vitamin B and protein which is our assistance for concentrating at our work. Milk and curds are the naturally occurring molecules of vitamin B-complex and abundant of vitamin D supports brain health.

The students to be appearing in the board exam this year they should follow these unique tips and should avoid to giving time on mobile and computer because it breaks your daily routine. A study says, during a full night sleep, brain cells remove toxic compounds dangerous for our brain. If a person never gets enough sleep, it has a devastating effect on their brain cells.


Blueberry is a nature’s gift gives a deep shiny color that is full of nutrients and vitamin and is capable of improving power of storing capacity of brain and can help in solving numeric type questions, a study says. Blueberries and strawberries are the finest material for giving a passage for flowing blood in the vein and arteries so it fulfil the desires of oxygen in the blood purification and circulation too.

Prefer Freshwater fish:

Don’t include a harsh water fish in your meal, at after every three or four days of interval eat a fresh water fish available nearby your market stall. It can rejuvenate your soul therefore It is known as the powerful preventive against the weakness of our nerve brain and muscles. Fish contains Omega-3 and Omega-4 and its deficiency could lead a student to a poor memory.

Walnut and cashew nut:

Near about all nuts provides a sufficient amount of protein, fatty acids and vitamin for the good construction of our brain. Walnut and cashew nut both are equally important for good governance of your body. These two nuts only able to destroy muscle degradation and repel foreign particles that are harmful for your protein and carbohydrate formation.

Grains and seeds:

The best source for your brain is carbohydrate. To overall wellness, grains are the next very important component for reducing fatigue headache and weakness in the body. These are the items which can be easily digest and smoothly release of glucose complexes within the body. The fibers of the grains can lead to flow of blood easily throughout the brain.

Contestants of board exam:

College student do hard work and achieve your goal but remember, if you are eating healthy food so you can crack your exams anywhere. So, after reading this article what are you going to add to your meal and diet? Is there any another thing to eat? You can drop here your comments in the comment box.

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