How To Increase IQ Level In Adults, Here are Few Easy Steps

30 Minutes Of Physical Vigorous Exercise Makes Your Brain More Powerful. Most Research Has Shown That Meditation Is Not Only Good For Reducing The Level Of Stress And For Mood, But It Is Also Good For The Functioning Of The Brain.


How To Increase IQ Level In Adults, Here are Few Easy Steps

Friends, you must have heard the word IQ. Alongside you may have noticed the name associated with IQ are Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. Who has the highest IQ in the world. The IQ of these two scientists were 160. Most research have shown that meditation is not only good for reducing the level of stress and for mood, but it is also good for the functioning of the brain.

To improve IQ first improve the blood flow of the brain, Patience, concentration, and memory improves and it gives you complete comfort.

Physical exercise promotes the flow of oxygen, glucose, and nutrients to your brain.

A study conducted at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign found that regular exercise can benefit the brain’s supply of white matter, also known as “the subway of the brain” due to its ability to connect different regions of grey matter in the cerebrum to each other. Children who were more physically fit had thicker and denser white matter, meaning they had a greater capacity for memory, attention span, and cognitive efficiency.

walk in morning

walk in the morning light:

During this time, the body gets a good amount of Vitamin D3 which is available free of cost and a rapid stroke makes the blood circulation faster in the body, which leads to faster circulation of oxygen and nutrients in the brain and the brain moves faster.


Some time in your routine, multitasking also helps in speeding up the brain. Such as listening to music along with exercises etc. Yes, keep in mind that with the addition of multitasking, the rest of the body is equally important, otherwise you may be a victim of stress.

listening carefully

Listen carefully & recognize shadow:

When you receive a phone call, without looking at the name on the mobile screen, try to recognize that person’s voice, when you look at any shadow of anything try to recognize that shadow and imagine in your mind, it will speed up your memory.

Play the game of mind:

Play the best free Mind Games online with a brain, math, puzzle and word games, sudokus and memory games. The games are playable on desktop, tablet, and mobile (Android, iOS, Windows Mobile). Use the search function to locate a game. play all those games in which the mind is used extensively, due to which the increase in your IQ will be more. Try to solve numeric questions and multiple choice questions and make a conclusion of your total statements.

Don’t skip difficult languages:

In our society, relatives, friends, some people who are using the language that is not easy for us to understand and the reason is we avoid that language we thinks that this is not valued for us but, you should focus on their inter-conversation and behaviour it will lead you to improve your IQ sensitivity and will change your perception of calculation at all.

Take a breakfast with Dark Chocolate:

Dark chocolate contains abundant amounts of antioxidant and flavonol. There are plenty of magnesium, vitamin B-complex and E3 in it. It is a power of antioxidant that helps fight the body of free radical. It certainly helps to keep our body healthy and strong. Include protein in breakfast, why? Because protein is the main factor in increasing brain production of the neurotransmitter,and it increases the level of norepinephrine and dopamine. Which is helpful for everyone to increase their vigilance and problem-solving skills.

Avoid Processed and Junk Food:

Many studies have shown that a healthy diet is associated with a higher intelligence, especially in adults. To keep your mind on full potential, stay away from cookies, chips and processed food and junk food, cook food at home, it will help your brain and budget.

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