How WhatsApp UPI is Different From Others- Times Trends Review

How WhatsApp UPI is Different From Others- Times Trends Review. Whatsapp has recently launched its payment feature for the user. Whatsapp Payment will be done via Unified Payment Interface

How WhatsApp UPI is Different From Others-

WhatsApp Payment Mode

How WhatsApp UPI is Different From Others

Whatsapp has recently launched its payment feature for the user. Whatsapp Payment will be done via Unified Payment Interface (UPI). Whatsapp Payment feature has been officially roll-out for iOS and Android users. WhatsApp has 200 million users in India. It can be estimated, how popular the Whatsapp UPI is going to be in the coming days.

Whatsapp will give Tough competition to many Apps

There are many competitors in the field of UPI based payment mode, who has been existed in India for a long time. In December 2016, ever since the BHIM UPI app was launched, people have started using UPI transaction through BHIM Apps.  In the wake of Whatsapp UPI payment mode, which is being seen as a major risk for pre-existing payment apps such as K-beta and Google Tez, Hike, True Caller. Apart from this, Whatsapp will also give a big challenge for messaging apps, which are in the process of making their place in the market through messaging services, such as the True Caller and Hike.

The above-mentioned apps have their own UPI platforms. We are going to tell you the details,  how money can be sent and received through UPI mode.


In India, Paytm is one of the biggest mobile wallets. Paytm witnessed a spectacular boost during the demonetization in 2016. Paytm was initially started as a digital wallet but now it has taken the form of a big platform. There are now many other features, including Paytm Mall, Paytm Bank, and many more.

Now, In Paytm BHIM UPI is also integrated. This can be done through transactions based on UPI. Keeping an eye to compete Whatsapp Messanger, Paytm started the Inbox service in November last year.

Google Tez:

Google Tez is Mobile Payment service provided by Google. Google Tez was launched with an aim to target Indian public. It also operated on UPI mode. It was made by National Payment Corporation of India. Google Tez can be downloaded in both the operating system iOs and Android.  Through Google Tez, you can transfer money from their bank accounts and other services such as UPI, QR code and phone number. In addition, there is also an interesting feature of cash mode in Google Tez. With this feature, users can send money to people around them without getting any Bank details.


The hike is an Indian messaging app, who gives direct competition to WhatsApp. Hike has introduced many new features in the past few months. Some of this – Snapchat-Like Stories, Timeline for Posts, and the Most Needed Hike Wallet. Hike also launched a wallet like Paytm last year.

Through Hike wallter, users can send and receive money and recharge their mobile numbers. Hike wallet has the option of UPI payment too.

True Caller:

Trucaller is an app developed by a Swedish company named True Software Scandinavia AB. Truecaller finds details globally given a name  or telephone number. The True Caller offers its custom dialer, contact list, and messaging inbox.

The True Caller had introduced its UPI service in March last year. True Caller’s UPI works in three different ways. Through True Caller’s UPI service you can send and receive money, apart from this you can also recharge your mobile phone too.

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