What Kind Of Men Do Women Like, 10 Things A Woman Wants In A Man

Teasing is not a good habit but some girls loved to get teased and they do not show. You can do these in playful way. Gentleness gives nothing but has more in return.

Some people think that after having good hair style in the salon and wearing a unique dress from the showroom, every girl will be looking at him, but they don’t know these fact actually.

Women’s Thinking is very different in India than any other part of the country in the world. There is nothing like in America and London. Women in a big country like America do not think so much about these things. They focuses more on their work. According to a survey, only 10 per cent woman in India prefer the men the one who is absolutely native and not too stylish, just keeps working from his own work.

You may have noticed near the places like in parties, hotels, beaches, picnic point friends circle and birth parties etc., there she is guys that beautiful woman you’ve been wanting to speak with. You start to walk across the room and all of a sudden back of your head you’re wondering, oh, my gosh what is she going to notice, what is going to pick up on about me before I even. Guys, in today’s article, what kind of men do women like. Read

1) Your Body Movement And Confidence:

your body movement and your confidence is everything. Going to gym and building your biceps and other parts to look handsome?. A confident men is always attractive towards a women. Confidence is a great gift of god to have for a men. When you work out you look healthier and muscular and energetic and clothes look very sexy because of fitness. Appearance do matter when you want to attract a girl at first sight. A lot.

2) Your Face:

If you can fall for her pretty face then she can also do the same and for that you will have to neat and clean yourself. If you really wanna catch her. Be clean shaved and good smell. Remember it stink will hundred per cent be reducing your chances to get her.

3) Your Smile:

None of this assumes what you are doing or how to smile. Smiling does not just mean that you are happy with your work. While the message goes to people that you are happy and can please others if they talk to you about something. Use of good words and eye movements makes sense to understand how well you can make your time. And it tells them that there is a secret hidden in your eyes. While smiling, your teeth are appearing. Or you’re smiling too much. Or concealing grin with your hands.

4) Your Clothing/Dressing:

Girl prefers well-dressed men If you’re looking for your first meeting with a girl or meeting of an arrange marriage without waste of time go and wear a clean and neat dress. Preferably full arm formal shirt and trouser or jeans whatever you chose, neat socks with clean shoes. While you can take a t-shirt with jean with a branded shoe and ensure that your nails are neat. Hair should have had a cut at an every 15 days in a month so that they looks in a proper manner.

5) Your Mannerism:

A girl will never take more than a minute if a guy has a sense of humor while a conversation. And that’s all you need to impress a girl forever. A girl very well know that a guy with a good sense of humor can be a lots of fun on date. To have a better relationship with people you know that an excellent manner is required at ll.

6) Your Language Ability:

Knowing how to speak to a women. Be pleasant and speak smoothly in a low tone and show pure interest in the women while you are speaking with her. And be respectful towards her when she deserve your respect. All good natured women like a well-mannered guy. Make her have a nice day with you. Try to charm her with your speaking and style. Girls like those guys who have good speaking style.

7) Your Smell, Odor, Fragrance:

Before a girl notices your shoes or your dress a girl will notice how you smell. Your single biggest weapon in attracting a women is your selection of fragrance. Using a fragrance is number one style in the world but the biggest issue with fragrances in India is that they very over price they are very expensive. Your need to invest a lot of money in fragrances but if you will do that it will elevate your outfit. If you can afford by a good quality original fragrance go for that but what you do if you can’t afford a good fragrance. If duplicate fragrance has the some kind of reaction on your skin that might an issue for the long term. So the solution is that go and find one of these people and in your friends who uses this duplicate perfume. The number one priority is safety. DAVID OF CHAMPION PERFUME is a party perfume it comes in two variation one is dark variation and second is light variation. The dark variation is little bit sweater while light variation is in fact collegy. You will smell great but the other person especially a women you are attracting with will pursue you as a slightly a younger guy. Do actually suit your personality.

8) Only Talk To Her:

Give your proper attention to her don’t pay attention to your cell phone. Mostly girls prefers those guys who gives proper attention to them and reflecting on the gesture. Show her that she is very important person for you. Don’t show any sign that you are trying, be natural and don’t be artificial when you are giving advantage to her words.

9) Don’t Be Crazy Be Gentle:

Seriously! Don’t chase her. Guys chasing and following girls like a crazy person. It would fright the girl make you cheap. It is seen that the girl falls for that guy who do not fall for her. Be gentle why, because gentleness gives nothing but has more in return. Be gentle and show mannerism and don’t look or scare other girls when you are speaking with her. Teasing is not a good habit but some girls loved to get teased and they do not show. You can do these in playful way.

10) Be There Where She Needs You:

When we falls in a difficult situation we needs someone’s help. Let’s imagine she is in trouble and you offer her your help, this is really a big deal and this deal will create a respect and emotions in her heart. Here you have completed you initial phase and now you can ask her for a date.

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