Prime Minister Modi at Times Now Today, This is How People TrollingTimes Now

Modi at Times Now

After Zee TV, Prime Minister Modi will be at Times Now

After giving an interview to Zee News, Now Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is all set to give an interview to India’s leading English News Channel Times Now.  Narendra Modi on Sunday urges his followers to Watch him in Conversation with Times Now’s Editor-in-Chief Rahul Shivsshankar and Managing Editor Navika Kumar on Sunday 9 pm.

Times Now has already issued the promos on Twitter, the question will be likely on GDP, judiciary, and national anthem. In addition to that, the Times Now has also asked about his strategy for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. This will be Prime Minister Modi’s first exhaustive interview to private News Channel.

According to Time Now, The interview covers issues like unemployment, the agrarian distress in the country as well as the specific points that the Opposition has been demanding. And Modi’s recent trip to Davos, and Israel Prime Minister’s Netanyahu’s visit to India.

A Man Called This is not a Journalistic House

People started trolling Times Now. A man named S Rao said, “He (Modi) has already given an interview to Zee news days back. Manu Sharma said, Self-congratulatory headlines. Only an infotainment business house can make such headlines, not a journalistic house.”

Why don’t Modi Calls a Press Conference?

Another person asked,” After all, he (Modi) only gives interviews to a few selected channels? Why not, he calls the Press Conference of journalists around the world and answers questions. Credit is more important. ”

Is Script Ready for Today Interview?

Once again, the users started challenging the PM to give an interview to NDTV’s Ravish Kumar. A user said, “The script is ready? Tell us whether it is comedy, horror, thriller, emotional or drama because we will sit with popcorn. “Jai Yadav said,” If he (Modi) is so brave then tell him to go to NDTV. ”

Will Modi Give an Interview to Ravish Kumar?

Aman Garg said, “The Republic will be a break for the day because it has been a BJP spokesperson from the beginning. Now he (Modi) has chosen any other channel except him (Republic). “Ravi Verma said,” The biggest thing of the biggest interview of 2018- sell pakoda and get employment. ”

What Do You think? Is this Interview scripted or Times Now would not take any side of Modi or ask question Bravely Tell us about your views in the comment box.

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