Ram Gopal Verma Gets Trolled for Posting Woman’s Bare Body on Twitter

Ram Gopal Verma Gets Trolled

Ram Gopal Verma Gets Trolled

Ram Gopal Verma Gets Trolled for Posting Woman’s Bare Body on Twitter

As people were witnessing a huge protest since the trailer of Padmaavat was released, now one more movie has come to the same line. This time, a controversial film producer, Ram Gopal Verma, who cast an American adult film star Mia Malkova in his short video, named GOD SEX and TRUTH, which is expected to release on January 26.

Since the trailer of GOD SEX and TRUTH was surfaced online, people were expecting this video will catch the fire of protest and censor Board’s heat. As he is seen very busy to promote his video starring Mia Malkova, he is not leaving any stone unturned to make it a great one. READ MORE |Prime Minister Modi at Times Now Today, This is How People TrollingTimes Now

Ram Gopal Verma Says FACEBOOK in Post

Earlier, he posted a long post on Facebook

, “The camera will literally worship not only every square inch of her extraordinary body but it also captures her every thought in the process of projecting it in almost a spiritual context within her deeply felt and also inbuilt sexual emotions.”

She also speaks graphically and shockingly hard sexual words and that’s because the whole point of this endeavour is to enhance and elevate whatever people conventionally look down upon.

GOD SEX and TRUTH is neither a Short Movie nota Series

According to the RGV, “The movie GOD, SEX and TRUTH is neither a short movie, nor a series. It’s about Pornstar Mia Malkova, who speaks about a Taboo topic, and what Sex meant to her” READ MORE | Viral Video: Girl Beats Up Two Snatchers Badly, Watch

But, RGV has crossed all the lines and in an attempt to promote his video he posted a woman’s bare body picture on Twitter and called, there is no location on earth which is more beautiful and Monumental than a woman’s body.

But, this time Twitterati could not keep quite and trolled him badly for posting a bare body on social media platform, Here is what People have to say about Ram Gopal Verma.

Stop Bulshit

Women Body Need to be Hidden Not …

Have You Seen Anything Else …

Ram Gopal Verma is a Second name of Tharki

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